Hi-Tech Tilt™ at the World of Concrete Expo. – Review

After several months of preparation and coordination with several different companies, Hi-Tech Tilt™ Wall Systems made their debut at the World of Concrete in Las Vegas, NV.

The concept of our presentation was to show the capabilities of our system incorporating various technologies in the tilt-up concrete industry. We teamed up with several different manufacturers to supply the different components of our “tilt-up building”. Our building was 6’-0” feet wide by 9’-4” long and 9’-0” high.

The companies participating with Hi-Tech Tilt™ in this were:

Elemix Concrete Additivewww.elemixadditive.com
Elemix provided their patented polymeric sphere additive compound into the concrete batch design providing lighter weight concrete with insulating and flexural characteristics in one of our panels.

Innovative Brick Systemswww.mbrick.com
Innovative provided design and materials for 2 panels illustrating various patterns and materials for wall and opening conditions. Their design included thin brick and tile materials cast in our panels.

Greenstreak Groupwww.greenstreak.com
Greenstreak provided design and materials for formliner installation on two panels. This design showed a wide variety of formliner solutions in our panels.

MorCon Inc.www.morconinc.com
MorCon is a Hi-Tech Tilt™ Licensee located in Las Vegas, NV. MorCon took delivery of all the materials, coordinated the concrete batch designs, formed, poured, delivered and erected the panels.

In addition to the panels described above, MorCon built a HTT Thermo Panel with a cut away section to show the studs, insulation and reinforcing inside the panel.

The workmanship on all of the panels was exemplary, and received many praises from people across the industry.

Our multi-faceted marketing approach to the World of Concrete generated substantial traffic to both of our booths, one indoor with presentation and educational information, and one outdoor with the various examples of panel types. Our product team members referred people to our booths as we referred people to theirs.

Registered visitors at our booth came from 42 states and provinces in North America and 16 countries from around the world, proving this truly was the World of Concrete.

We heard comments like, “I flew 20 hours to find a solution to really help my business, and Hi-Tech Tilt™ is exactly what I was searching for!” Most of the time at the show, people were standing 2 deep and 2-3 abreast to learn more about HTT.

Hi-Tech Tilt™ is responding to a truly global market. Our products and solutions bring a truly competitive edge to Design-Build Contractors, Owners, A/E Firms, Developers, and Concrete Contractors no matter what language they speak. The many advantages of our systems help get the projects built in today’s economy. While many traditional methods and systems are declining, Hi-Tech Tilt™ is accelerating. The reception by participants at the World of Concrete is a solid indicator of the impact of Hi-Tech Tilt™ in this world market.