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Hi-Tech Tilt™ Wall System

Considerations for Design-Build or Value Engineering

  • 66% less Concrete
  • Smaller Form Material for one-sided panels
  • Reinforcing Steel & Hardware Reduction
  • Substantial Dead Load Reduction on Foundation
  • Lighter Crane for one-sided or Insulated sandwich panels
  • Interior Drywall Framing ready on one-sided panels
  • Insulated and pre-finished panels in sandwich application
  • Elimination of Embed Anchors due to steel framing at 2’-0” centers

  • Forming, Reinforcing, Material Handling
  • Lifting, Setting, Bracing
  • Lift, Align & Weld for Multistory Applications
  • Lighter Braces required
  • Drywall Framing Time & Labor can be eliminated
  • Frequently Combine Panel Erection w/ Structure Erection

  • Structural Reductions from Reduced Dead Loads
  • Accelerate Subcontractors
  • Collapse Time Frames
  • Reduce Interim Financing

  • Reduced Site Disturbance
  • Less Casting Beds Required because street lighter crane can be used, frequently eliminating set-up charges for major cranes
  • “HTT” Panels are ready to lift within 2 days and can be erected more quickly, freeing slab surface for a second batch of panels that can be ready in a few days for the next lift
  • Panels can be precast for delivery to the project
  • Optimize Energy Performance
  • Insulated Sandwich Panels with 4” – 8” studs can provide from R-12 to R-30 Values
  • One-sided tilt panels are ready to receive various insulation types and values
  • Thermal Break options are economically available
  • Recycled & Regional Content in Materials
  • Steel Studs are 100% recycled
  • Steel Studs are cold-roll fabricated and punched from coils of typically 16 Gauge Steel
  • Fly ash and other recycled contents or additives are optional in concrete
  • Relocatable Wall Panels
  • Panels can be demounted for relocation and shipment to another location
  • Panels can be precast for delivery to the original or a future project
  • Environmental Quality
  • Panels help maintain a dust-free environment
  • Reduce Fuel & Emissions
  • By the substantial reduction in CY of concrete delivered to the project fuel & emissions are substantially reduced
  • At the project site
  • At the manufacturing site(s)
  • At the supply and distribution site(s)